4Ds Webinar for product development and management

A two-hour weekly webinar every Tuesday highlights one of the topics in the 4Ds methodology for product development so that in one month all topics and tools will be covered.


An applied webinar aimed at developing the practical side of individuals enrolled in the program, so that one meeting deals with one of the tools used within the 4Ds methodology, specifically designed to develop and manage products effectively in four stages:

  • Discover: This stage focuses on analyzing and identifying the product features and the benefit that provides
  • Define: This stage focuses on defining the problem and available opportunities and identifying product customers as this includes verifying that this is a real customer problem and will significantly affect businesses and projects with measurable success criteria.
  • Design: Once the problem is identified we start working on solutions. A design solution can take many forms with varying levels of accuracy ranging from setting tables and indicators to working prototypes. It is a good idea to involve staff at the design stage to check the feasibility of a design solution.
  • Develop: At this stage, the information gathered is taken at the stage of understanding, identifying the problem, and testing concepts at the design stage where the development team creates all models and applies the solutions that have been reached.

Webinar Dates

Webinar Name Date Time Trainer Registration
(Product Vision Board Workshop) 18/8/2020 8:00pm-9:00pm Reem Alzamil Register Now
(Persona+ User Journey)) 25/8/2020 8:00pm-9:00pm Reem Alzamil Register Now
Design the first version of the products 20/10/2020 8:00pm-9:00pm Reem Alzamil Register Now
Product improvement and development 27/10/2020 8:00pm-9:00pm Reem Alzamil Register Now

Targeted audience

  • Product managers
  • Business analysts
  • Business developers
  • Project Managers
  • Those who are interested in product management

How do I get an accredited certificate in attending the webinar?

If you attend the full webinars, you will get:

  • Get 16 PDUs in full attendance at 150 riyals
  • Get Product Manager Toolkit Templates and Tools
  • Get attendance certificates


- Webinars focused on providing applicable tools, mainly tools within programs provided by Empower, representing (part or chapter) of the basic program
- The models and tools used in webinars are an integrated product development group
It provides the participants with the opportunity to learn about scientific and professional tools that enable them to develop their work outcomes, through:
- Short term program (two hours only), the enrollment is not required for long term
- Practical, not theoretical, as it focuses on enabling attendees to use tools
- Get scientific and professional tools samples
- Very competitive prices
- Get accredited points for PDUs
- Get attendance certificates.
The webinar is free, and there is a nominal price on accredited attendance certificates (4 PDUs) (at a value of 50 riyals per meeting, and in case you want to obtain a certificate of attendance for all meetings and 16 PDUs there is a price of 150 riyals.
Every Tuesday
Discover stage 8/8/2020
Define stage 8/28/2020
Design stage 1/9/2020
Develop stage 8/9/2020