Measuring the maturity level of project management offices P3M3


Project Management Offices Maturity Level Measurement Model P3M3

It is a framework that enables the organization to measure its current performance, identify strengths and weaknesses, and develop development plans to improve its performance in the future. It was called so because it measures the relationship between PfM3 Portfolio Management, PgM3 Program Management and PjM3 Project Management.

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An electronic standard that helps you get an initial assessment of the maturity level of project management offices

Benefits of Project Management Offices Maturity Measurement Service​ P3M3

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The percentage of achieving results within the specified budget
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Project failure
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Achieving results
within the stipulated time

The challenge

The lack of adaptation of the current organization of the strategic project management office to the nature of the current business, which limits the optimal use of the resources of the SPMO office

The solution

• Analyzing and solving the most important challenges facing the office

• Improve office structure, policies, procedures and models and improve project delivery procedures

• Identification of technical needs

• Follow up and ensure the suitability of the presented solution

The challenge

The project management office’s need to assess the current status and maturity level of the project management office with the design of a development and improvement plan in line with the nature of the projects and business of the office

The solution

• Reviewing the office's current procedures and forms

• Assessment of the current situation with the strategic objectives of the office

• Provide recommendations and plan to improve the maturity level of the PMO

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