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Applied webinars aimed at developing the practical side of individuals enrolled in the program, so that one webinar addresses many strategies, methodologies and tools used to improve the performance of organizations in project management, digital and strategic transformation and leadership development.

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Practical Guide for Strategy Formulation

Through this Webinar, we will shed light on the main pillars of the concept of strategic planning and provide basic knowledge about it. Whereas, strategic planning score one of the first three tools used to achieve the goals of the organization

Scrum for Managing Unpredictable Projects

Scrum for unpredictable project management. Through this webinar, we will explain why Agile methodology is logical and important for program and project management in contrast to traditional methodologies such as waterfall methodology.

How to manage the potential risks of your project

Managing risks in companies and public and private institutions, their own concepts and some tools that can be used in the practical life that helps us in managing risks and learning the most important strategies that work to avoid risks and reduce their negative effects and accept some or all of its consequences.

The role of data in crisis management

Crisis management is an expected or unexpected threat to project goals. Whereas the use of data science in crises is one of the most important challenges that we face in addition to how to properly interpret the language of numbers and smart solutions based on a variety of experiments technology to control there will be an open discussion

Understanding Performance Management Tools

Through this Webinar, the focus will be on the importance of performance measurement and the tools that help to achieve this. Whereas, performance measurement tools provide us with quantitative and qualitative performance measures and important information on the processes associated with projects and goals.

strategic Change

Managing change and dealing with the future in a realistic manner with a well-defined vision is considered one of the most difficult tasks. Through this webinar, we will show the way to those who wish to join the field of change management and talk about its most prominent features and basic details

The Internet of things

Internet of Things is the new generation of the Internet that allows understanding between smart devices interconnected with each other via the Internet protocol without human intervention. Through this webinar, we will learn about how the Internet of Things works and what are the main parts that help in achieving it.

Digital security

Digital security is the practices used to protect users across the Internet, devices and data from unauthorized access or electronic attacks and how to digitize them securely. Through this webinar, several axes will be highlighted, including information security, privacy, safe operation management and risk modeling.

Digital transformation

Digital transformation is the process of transitioning sectors or companies into a business model that uses digital technologies to innovate products and services

During this webinar, we will show how you can change your company to be a better place to work and best practices for managing talent in transformation.

4Ds Methodology for product development

A two-hour weekly webinar every Tuesday that highlights one of the topics in the 4Ds methodology for product development so that in one month all topics and tools will be covered.

  Webinar Date 20/10/2020