Scrum methodology

Is Scrum's methodology the best choice for your tasks? After reading this article, you can determine the answer to this question!

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Is Scrum’s methodology the best choice for your tasks? After reading this article, you can determine the answer to this question!


 At first, what does the Scrum methodology mean?

 It is an agile project methodology or framework for project management that helps teams work together with the aim of learning through experiences and contemplating profit and loss to continuously improve corporate performance. The Scrum methodology is an aid to the implementation of the agile management methodology. To learn more about Agile management methodology click here!

The most important benefits of the Scrum methodology!

  • The Scrum methodology has benefits including, but not limited to:
  • High quality of the products.
  • Faster return on investment.
  • Reducing risks.
  • Increase and improve customer satisfaction.
  • Motivate teams to get more satisfying results.
  • Reducing costs.
  • Complete the complex projects that companies faced in the past.
  • The ability to incorporate changes if they occur, as opposed to old methodologies that lacked this point.

About the Scrum Team!

Scrum team is a team with multiple skills and it organizes the work itself according to the work requirements. The Scrum team consists of: Product owner, Master Scrum and the development team. And the number is often from five to nine people.

What is a Scrum product owner?

He is considered one of Scrum’s personalities, and his task is to maintain the product’s task list and ensure the value of the work. Also, it should be available to consult with the team to ensure that they are correctly implementing the product vision, and they must have the authority to make all the decisions necessary to complete the project. To obtain the certification of the owner of the Certified Scrum product, click here!

What are the roles and responsibilities of the owner of the Scrum product?

As mentioned in the Scrum Guide, Scrum Owner’s Product has the following tasks:

  • Express clearly product items.
  • Optimize the value of the team’s work.
  • ensure that the development team understands the elements in the accumulated product to the required level.

What is the Sacrum Master?

Scrum Master is the leader of the Scrum team, who is responsible for supporting projects by helping everyone in the Scrum methodology, practice, and rules.

What are the roles and responsibilities of the Sacrum Master?

The Scrum Master methodology plays an effective role in supporting product owners and product development, and the owners of the Scrum teamwork to provide support during the planning and implementation stages. It is also the responsibility of Sacrament Master to provide appropriate training for agile teams to ensure that the Agile methodology principles are followed and to assist teams in prioritizing projects to ensure timely delivery of products and unimpeded delivery.  Also, Scrum Master’s responsibilities include: Remove obstacles, ensure the relationship between the team and the product owner, and protect the team from external dispersion. To get the Accredited Scrum Master Certificate to click here!

What is the summary of the above!

The Scrum Master and the owner product Certificate are very important for the owners of companies. In the end, this article includes a glimpse of the two accredited certificates and for more details click here

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