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Professional Business Analysis

With the dominance of institutions in the labor market, the field of business analysis has become increasingly commonplace. As many people began to put this field before their eyes to study it in their university life, knowing their importance in the contemporary global markets. In this regard, we will read about professional business analysis.

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Do Axelos and PMI institute complement each other

A lot of people don’t know the difference between PMI and Axelos and the most important things that distinguish both of them. In this article, we will draw an illustrative board that discusses the concept of each of them, the most important differences and the approved certifications for project management.

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Project management offices and their importance in your organization

We all know that the main goal of project management is to achieve and implement the project within the required time and cost and within quality standards, but many organizations face challenges that hinder them from managing projects properly and within the specified schedule. Thus, it obstructs the achievement of project outputs and customer dissatisfaction.

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Project management and its importance for both sectors public and private

Can you imagine that the extent of the disaster that will occur when appointing a person who does not have sufficient experience that to qualify him to manage enterprise projects? Because the management of enterprises and their projects are essential to reach their desired goals, both governmental and private institutions are seeking to attract highly qualified individuals whose task is to develop effective management plans for enterprise projects. What do we mean in project management?

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Improving organizational performance by using maturity models

There are many bodies that need (project managers) and the establishment of many agencies, whether governmental or private (project management offices), and the demand for professional certificates in the field of project management daily increases.

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Agile methodology for project success

With widespread startups, there are a lot of methodologies that appeared in the world of project management, including Agile methodology. So, what does Agile methodology mean?