Technical project managers and their needs in cybersecurity

Technical project managers
The Internet has become a space full of malicious links and viruses. Data breaches are becoming pervasive and annoying and users are more vulnerable more frequently, and users are more vulnerable than ever. There are several points that the project manager must realize in order to protect the data of his company and the data of his

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Define cyber security

Cybersecurity is defined as the security of networks, information systems, data, information, and devices connected to the Internet. Primarily, it is the field that clarifies the procedures, standards, and standards of protection that companies and organizations must adhere to in order to confront any possible threat to databases in companies, in addition to promoting practices that lead to the protection of electronic devices, networks and the data inside them from penetration, damage, change or Disruption of access to information or services, and cybersecurity is a global trend, whether at the level of countries or even government organizations or companies.

The importance of cyber security for technical projects

Technology projects are one of the most popular and profitable projects these days, but launching your tech project is also a challenge due to the prevalence of attacks and hacks that can hamper your workflow. Therefore, it is very important for every technical project manager to implement cybersecurity measures to protect information and data stored in devices, through the use of highly protective programs, achieve confidentiality and privacy of information, maintain data integrity on an ongoing basis, and develop an information security system to deter electronic crimes and reduce electronic espionage in addition to protecting Databases and confidential information.

Clicking without thinking is risky

Just because you can click, doesn’t mean you have to. Always remember that it can cost you a huge amount. Malicious links can harm your devices in different ways, so be sure to check links and make sure they are from trusted senders before clicking on them.


Use two methods to authenticate the user’s identity

It is important to have strong passwords in place in your company, and in addition to having another method of verifying the identity of the user in the event that the hacker can guess the password accurately, there is still an additional security measure in place to ensure that no account in your organization is compromised

Track the digital footprint of your company’s accounts

When you appoint someone responsible for monitoring the company’s accounts, you can be sure that any suspicious activity is caught. Especially in the sites where credit card numbers are entered to facilitate payments or any other confidential information related to the nature of your organization’s work.

 Back up your data

These days, storage doesn’t cost much. There is no excuse for not having a backup of your important data. Back up both on the physical site and on the cloud. Remember that malicious threats and hackers don’t always want to steal your data, but sometimes the end goal is to encrypt or erase it. Make a backup for an ultimate recovery tool.

5. Always remember that you are not immune

As a project manager, you should always take all necessary measures to protect information security with the expectation that one day your organization may be exposed to this type of breach. Therefore, you must develop a plan that shows how to act to manage the crisis and learn from it to prevent its recurrence.

The Kingdom seeks to be one of the first countries in the field of cybersecurity due to the current trend of technical projects within the Kingdom and the spread of projects that depend entirely on technology. In most institutions, a team of experts is used to manage cybersecurity.

The Ministry of Education in the Kingdom has worked to fully implement cybersecurity, and the Kingdom will provide several security programs to Saudi Arabia in order to protect institutions and users from exposure to malicious attacks and spread awareness of the importance of cybersecurity for organizations and people.

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